Paul Finebaum: 'It's Looking Like College Football Will Move to the Spring'
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Paul Finebaum was on Get Up this morning where he shared that college administrators are quietly discussing moving the season to the spring...
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Finebaum and Larry Leo make a cute couple...both are idiots.
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Bandits5844 months
Leftist lunatic!!! Football will be played in the fall!!
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nol1wph44 months
He speaks the truth!!!
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ByUselves44 months
If all the teams get infected with the same virus as the Longhorns & Cowboys, we won't have to worry about when it will start, it will be, IF it ever starts again...
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gamecockman1244 months
Not a fan of spring football. Will definitely be requesting a ticket refund if that is the case.
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LSUsince7444 months
Mondays always suck!
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JackieTreehorn44 months
I can’t stand that big ear shithead
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rattlebucket44 months
Dont even care. Cancel it all.
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Boring44 months
Every time any piece of sports news comes out, all I can think is, "that's nice dear." Sports need attention/money to survive, people don't need sports to survive.
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moester7544 months
I’m with you I don’t even give af anymore. They went and shoved racial bullshite down our throats with sports now just like do with everything else so I hope it all gets canceled to prove we can live without them.
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