NCAA Releases 2015 Football Graduation Rates For Top 25
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
Graduation Success Rates were released on Wednesday by the NCAA, showing graduation rates for football programs. These cover incoming freshmen classes from 2005-08, calculating the percentage of all athletes who earned a degree within six years of entering school. The Top 25 Football Teams look like this...

1. Ohio St. 81.3%
2. Baylor 74.3%
3. Clemson 83.6%
4. LSU 69.8%
5. TCU 83.8%
6. Michigan St. 65.6%
7. Alabama 85.7%
8. Notre Dame 93.3%
9. Stanford 98.6%
10. Iowa 71%
11. Florida 77.8%
12. Oklahoma St. 54.3%
13. Utah 69.2%
14. Oklahoma 65.3%
15. Memphis 72.4%
16. Michigan 72%
17. Florida St. 72.6%
18. Houston 55.8%
19. Mississippi 60%
20. Toledo 73.3%
21. North Carolina 61.8%
22. UCLA 88.6%
23. Temple 81.7%
24. Mississippi St. 72%
25. Texas A&M 73.9%

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user avatar
Dr. Shultz104 months
We've been 2nd behind only Vandy for the past few years. I don't think these numbers are right.
user avatar
Brosef Stalin17104 months
Actually... you could argue a lower graduation rate increases the value of one's degree... a higher number of people with grade school level education holding the same diploma as others from the university dilutes the heck out of it
user avatar
JumpingTheShark104 months
They should have also shown them rearranged from highest to lowest in the top 25. Would be easy to copy and paste in excel to do, but I am on my phone
user avatar
crewdepoo104 months
MiLes doesn't count early departures. So we're alot higher.
user avatar
DByrd2104 months
Most misleading stat ever. Proves nothing. WAY too many variables.
user avatar
Lsu101205104 months
Stanford's is crazy good...

But can't blame them, if I could get a free Stanford education. You better believe I would take advantage of it.
user avatar
RileyTime104 months
LSU needs to somehow stop so many Jr's from declaring.
user avatar
kkhere104 months
Nice of OSU to show up
user avatar
crazyLSUfan104 months
Get that rate up LSU!
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