You can read up on the recent feud about satellite camps between Alabama head coach Nick Saban and Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh here. Meanwhile former Wolverine and ESPN analyst Desmond Howard is trying to play peacemaker...
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TouchdownTony97 months
Translation: " My alma mater's coach is acting like an immature a-hole so I'm gonna say its a "feud" between Saban and Harbaugh because attaching Michigan to Alabama in some way puts us on their level just like claiming we are their rival does so I need to keep Michigan in the news and this validates us. A. We don't need a peacemaker. Saban Simply stated his opinion, as other coaches have but again, tying yourself to Bama makes your program look better but Saban has never attacked Harbaugh or Michigan. Just stated what his issues were when asked a question. B. Saban doesn't give one wet shite about what Desmond or anybody else thinks. This is all a Michigan plan to get attention and publicity and all Wolverines are in on it. To call this a feud is quite the stretch. Harbaugh is attacking but its all on Michigan's side. Notice how Harbaugh never mentions any other coaches who have spoke out against it. Everybody wants Bama to look at them. It does Harbaugh no good to call out Justin Fuentes who has been extremely vocal about it. Michigan fans and coaches, just go away. Be good enough and we'll see you on the field and you can prove yourself there. Have your camps and enjoy.
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GoldenBoy97 months
Saban makes Desmond look tall.
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ninthward98 months
Saban could give a rat fart about this shite
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TNTigerman98 months
Leave 'em alone and let the white guys have their fight.
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