Philip Vigil, the head coach at Colorado State University Pueblo, called out one of Deion Sanders' staff members at Colorado, claiming he attempted to tamper with one of his players...
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Billy Mays15 days
Every coaching staff in college sports tampers in this new era
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SmelvinRat16 days
This will get uglier before any semblance of balance is achieved...
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TigerinKorea16 days
It's become the wild west. This is why I hate the transfer portal. It's garbage.
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Jay Quest16 days
The current state of college sports. I became a college sports fan when I was young but find myself losing more and more interest each year.
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CanebreakCajun16 days
Great spelling and grammar from a college coach.
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CajunBullet16 days
A PhD in English, LOL!
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cajunmud16 days
" and my team..."?
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PeleofAnalytics16 days
Slimy but any punishment will be a nothingburger. Until this gets under some new sort of enforcement structure (conferences take over and form some sort of agreement with the other conferences) stuff like this will be a fart in the wind.
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Tasseo16 days
NCAA not gonna do anything especially to help a program as small as CSU-P. Sux where college sports have gone due to greed.
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