Can You Guess Urban Meyer's Favorite Michael Jordan Quote In ‘The Last Dance'...?
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I'm sure the internet will come after former Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer after he posted his favorite Michael Jordan quote from this week's "The Last Dance"...
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What was Urban's price?

(The Spun)
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km45 months
Chest pains?
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FredBear45 months
If you're a wife of one of Urban's assistants you are darn right there is a price. It's called getting the crap beat out of you
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DanglingFury45 months
Kinda surprised that was Urban’s favorite clip. I didn’t hear a word about faking health problems to get out of a situation you didn’t want be in.
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Murda198745 months
Did you miss the part about Scotty’s foot/ankle injury?
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arcalades45 months
the price for Urban: being slime
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JackieTreehorn45 months
A born winner. I have never seen someone with his drive.
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lsutigersFTW45 months
Yeah I loved that scene
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Tri City Tigers45 months
This was the best scene in the documentary so far.
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pellietigersaint45 months
and they played in episode 8. makes me think the last 5 minutes of episode 10 is gonna be amazeballs
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