This clever t-shirt has been made for the Notre Dame vs Florida State game on October 18, 2014. I like the crab touch. It's the little things...

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SECdragonmaster116 months
The crab is a refrence to the theft AND to the rape.

Think "crabs" if it helps.
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tigahbait62116 months
Ironically they had a player rape a girl as well.. Call this one the rape bowl
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Titus Pullo116 months
Welcome to the late 80's Larry.
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kjntgr116 months
Clever?? This phrase is about 30 years old
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Doug Masters116 months
Geaux Irish!!!
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BrooksnDunn116 months
Good thing they aren't playing Penn State. Catholics vs pedophile enablers. Oh wait...
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Cleanmatt116 months
I would buy that shirt and wear it to the game if I were going.
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BuddyLAM116 months
I laughed because of the crab
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CrimsonWhite116 months
Dear FSU fans:
I think you get what deserve with any of the Winston-related stories, but I hope your "Criminoles" take out the Catholics.
One of the Alabama "Cousins"
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Datbayoubengal116 months
Isn't Notre Dame dealing with a sexual assault case and a rape case?
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beaumont livingston116 months
i laughed.
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Thracken13116 months
i like it
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runningTiger116 months
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