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Apparently, we like our wings during March Madness. So, with no basketball to be played there were a lot of wings that went uneaten. A LOT....

Poultry experts told The Washington Post this week that chicken wings are down to nearly $1 per pound after "millions of pounds" of the goods went uneaten due to March Madness' cancellation.

"The basketball, it’s for real," one expert told the WaPo. "The basketball didn’t happen. People are not going to restaurants and there’s a lot of excess."

According to the report, just before the annual NCAA Tourney was canceled last month ... poultry farmers sold over 1.2 MILLION pounds of wings.

Last week, however, they say those sales dipped dramatically ... with only 433,000 pounds being sold.
Not to mention all the celery, ranch and blue cheese. Are you a ranch or blue cheese person?person?

(TMZ Sports)
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user avatar
KAVandy0551 months
Ranch is the gastronomic next step for the ketchup only crowd.
user avatar
Ignignot51 months
Wings needed a punch in the groin. Been getting too pricey. I love em to death, but that shite is stupid.
user avatar
Nado Jenkins8351 months
I like ranch and blue cheese.
user avatar
CHEDBALLZ51 months
Wings use to be 10 cents a pound and only no-frills would eat them.
user avatar
CFFreak51 months
Blue cheese ftw. Ranch ft gay.
user avatar
wartiger200451 months
I bet Larry has a dozen TD shirts to wipe up the drool as he continuously types the wrong shite.
user avatar
HoustonGumbeauxGuy51 months
Tigers at zoos finna eat
user avatar
JackieTreehorn51 months
Larry crashed just before the finish line. So close
user avatar
GeauxsomeMeaux51 months
Person?Person? ???
user avatar
imjustafatkid51 months
Ranch. Blue cheese is for people with terrible taste.
user avatar
Billy Mays51 months
Blue cheese only. Ranch is for plebs.
user avatar
SLAP9951 months
Plebs win. Blue cheese tastes like curdled milk marinated in sweaty socks.
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