Charles Barkley was on 60 Minutes Sunday night. One clip from the interview is already standing out with talking about how players getting paid is ruining college sports...
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atltiger648715 months
NIL has a big effect, but it's the free-transfer (without having to sit out a year) that's hugely compounds the problem. The NCAA needs to step up and re-institute the sit-out rule for all transfers, except grad transfers. That would slow down the free-agency every year. If they don't do it soon, the game will be permanently ruined.
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Gus Tinsley15 months
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Jay Quest15 months
Making college kids unrestricted free agents every year they remain in school is laughably stupid. Charles is right.
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bengalman15 months
Golf claps for Charles speaking the truth.
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UGATiger2615 months
The whole NIL debacle reminds me of the naive children who rant about how awesome socialism would be if we implemented it. Then, when we actually have a real-life example of how much of a train wreck it is, all we hear is "that's not how NIL is supposed to work!!!" It's like...yeah, you wanted players compensated based on their popularity. How the frick did you think it was going to pan out?
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cajunmud15 months
He's dead right. They better straighten this crap out quick or UL, LA Tech, McNeese etc. could be outta sports all together.
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SomeLSUguy15 months
He's not wrong...
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