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Soon we'll see the CBS College Basketball analysts partner with the TNT NBA crew once again to bring us the NCAA Tournament. But Charles Barkley told Newsday’s Neil Best when they were all first brought together in 2011, not everyone was welcoming...

“Some of these [CBS] guys are jerkoffs. They didn’t treat us very well, because they thought we were trying to take their jobs. “You could just tell there was some tension in the beginning. I’m not trying to take your job. I’m not even sure we want to do this. But Dan Bonner was great to me and said, ‘Anytime you want to talk about players or teams.’ He was a great resource. “I shouldn’t call them jerkoffs. But they were a little distant. They looked at it like a competition. We’re not trying to take your job. Relax.”
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Sir Charles and the Ole Ball Coach...just do not give a damn. They say what they think. Most of the time its hilarious. Unless you are the one they are talking about!
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