On Saturday night, Arizona State outfielder Johnny Sewald was hit by a pitch from Layne Bruner in the arm, but somehow he caught it. He then casually tossed it back to the Washington State pitcher. No big whoop. However, the announcers were extremely excited about this...

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Jagd Tiger109 months
the pitch(ball) wedged between his arm and his ribcage, it was a lot more of a freak accident than sweet move, but I'll give the kid style points for the way he nonchalantly flipped it back out to the mound on his way to first.
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WhitewaterDawg109 months
Cobra Kai! Yeah Johnny YEAH!!!
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sumtimeitbeslikedat109 months
Whoa bru.. that like got me like totally stoked, dude! It was rad, and tubular! Think I'll go catch a wave with my west coast buddies and do a barrel roll while I punch Jaws in the face now!

See kids, now this is why we have stereotypes...
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Nix to Twillie109 months
This guy needs to watch the video of that high school kid a couple weeks ago. That's how you do it.
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utstnx109 months
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TigerB8109 months
Based off the hoopla, i was thinking the guy bare hand caught it while it was coming at his face and then threw it back to the pitcher the way it was supposed to be done....but no, not really all that once i saw the video.
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Rebel Land Shark109 months
That's pretty sad if that's one of the greatest things that announcer has seen on a baseball field
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HailFreezusOver109 months
Those announcer need to get out more.
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GeorgeTheGreek109 months
Wasn't really that cool.
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