63 year old Sharon Osbourne jumped on Twitter on Wednesday to let everyone know she had a sex dream with Shaquille O'Neal. And that she enjoyed it...
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Thanks, Sharon.
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SetTheMood101 months
It's all about the ripping and the tearing.
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caliegeaux101 months
Once you go Shaq......your back is whack?
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justausedcarguy101 months
Shaq better hope she doesn't bite the heads off too.
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Bruneaux101 months
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Malaysian Tiger101 months
Shaq you know you got to bite the head off a Bat before you can have Sharon!!
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crossfire101 months
I love how Larry takes crap from everyone and never responds. You are the man, Larry.
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Marco Esquandolas101 months
Larry, I am worried about you...
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DownSouthCrawfish101 months
Can wait to see if Chuck has an opinion on this.
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HoustonGumbeauxGuy101 months
Larry has similar dreams about JFF

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Bige11101 months
Sometimes, I wonder if heterosexual men are the ones commenting on Larry's posts. I mean Hannah Davis, kournikova, and Paige are beautiful women that none of us would pass on. Come on. Even Paula, as tired of those posts as we all are. But.... This? Come on Larry. I'm going to have to sleep on the couch tonight on the off chance my wife is in the mood. I'm scarred.
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Doug Masters101 months
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