Russell Westbrook Got Into Uncomfortable And Heated Talk With Reporter, Reporter Wins
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Lakers lost yet again on Tuesday night, furthering themselves from playoff contention. After the game, Russell Westbrook got into it with a reporter who held his ground...

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DoubleDown27 months
That reporter did awesome. It's such a tired trope for athletes in any sport to be so soft skinned and flip the question on the reporter and try and make them get defensive. The guy answered perfectly with "you're the professional, you tell me". Just like I'm not a vet but I know what a dog is. I'm not an ncaa womens swimmer but I know what a man is. I'm not a pro basketball player but I know what a bad team is.
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TigerLord202028 months
Russell had a valid point
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Olric28 months
Russell walking away thinking he won that was a Michael Scott cringe moment
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caliegeaux28 months
His entire defense was somehow trying to respond with a “gotcha” moment that never happened and just got more weird as it went on.
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Robber DeNiro28 months
How's winning games a change?? These reporters out of line.
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Nix to Twillie28 months
Yeah, they gotta take it easy on these filthy rich stars. They’re just trying to put food on the table.
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