The way the Thunder's Russell Westbrook plays, this doesn't surprise me. The dude is super intense, however, this is a bit much. I get it, it's the playoffs, but telling fans to “Shut the f**k up” in this way? Come on, dude. You're better than that. Warning language is NSFW...
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Anyway, he was fined $25,000 for this.
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pellietigersaint98 months
"He said frick to me and my wife" Cry me a river bitch. What a pussy. Shut your mouth. Hes lucky thats all westbrook told him
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Patrick_Bateman98 months
Yes, what a pussy. People who incite others and then snitch on them are the worst.
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JustinT3798 months
I wonder if any of the fans involved in the "incident" see any of that 25k?
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Walt OReilly98 months
The fan should shut the frick up
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Geert Hammink_4398 months
not sure what was said by the fans. like most, they think that a ticket gives them a pass to say whatever they want to players. then get offended or have their feelings hurt when something gets said back. he shouldn't be fined.
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PrimeTime Money98 months
I would love to see athletes and fans fight.
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Gumbo198 months
Search for Metta World Peace aka Ron Artess on YouTube for fan brawl.
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lsu48098 months
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