Last week, ESPN's Stephen A. Smith shared how much he dislikes former NBA star Glenn "Big Dog" Robinson and accused him of being a racial hypocrite. On TMZ Sports, Robinson came out and said let's end this today with a fight...

Here is Smith's original comments...

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loopdog100 months
He is a racist !
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JOHNN100 months
frick S.A.S. He's one of the biggest race baiters in the media. Its laughable that he says he doesnt give anyone a pass.
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24chevrolet48100 months
Screamin A. Smith..One of The biggest agitators around ... I'm glad I can see everything thing in color unlike stephen a smith who view Everything in black & white...
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eddieray100 months
sounds like he didn't give the black coach a pass just because he was black, which is exactly what Stephen A "says" he does, but has a problem with Robinson doing it. In a nutshell, Stephen A doesn't mean what he says ...shocker.
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airportwhiskey100 months
Oh, the money I would pay to watch someone beat the shite out of Screamin A. Smith...
user avatar
Tshiz100 months
Stephen who?
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GWfool100 months
Perhaps he didn't like the different coaches because of the types of coaches or people they were, not because there were black or white. It is ridiculous how people make a name for themselves as a "journalist" by simply being divisive and playing the race card all the time. We are never going to get past it as long as black journalists constantly make race an issue. Vent on [off]
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gameovergt100 months
ppv please!
user avatar
MSH100 months
I would pay good money to watch this.
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