DeMarcus Cousins Shoves Madison Square Garden Security Guard
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports
Sacramento Kings star DeMarcus Cousins has anger issues. He leads the league in technical fouls. He's gotten into fights with teammates. Two weeks ago he caused a scene on the bench when he went after his head coach George Karl. On Sunday night, he went after a Madison Square Garden security guard who accidentally bumped into him..


This dude needs to chill. I don't know what organization or coach will tame him. or than Bill Belichick.
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Placebeaux95 months
I cant watch any pro sports anymore. There is no sportsmanship, only narcissistic thug prima donnas.
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tgr4ever95 months
Wait I thought the NBA was soft nowadays and the old school mentality was gone? Make up your mind old people
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Tshiz95 months
Biggest bitch in basketball
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GeeOH95 months
The keaguebis full of big bitches. He should be suspended 10 games for touching someone like that who is trying to protect the court. The NBA is full of moron clowns like him. I wouldn't watch an NBA game if I were paid.
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pellietigersaint95 months
POS............will be broke by the time he's 40. enjoy it now dumbass
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John Gotti95 months
Someone named "boogie" did something stupid...shocker
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LSUtigers11195 months
The guard actually pushed him first
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