Charles Barkley recently talked to Sports Illustrated's Jimmy Traina about LeBron James and how his career is the best story in sports...
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thetruthisnotkind11 months
Well, doesn’t the Chuckster work for Disney/ESPN now?
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Drizzt11 months
BronBron is everything I hate about modern sports. He’s a hypocrite whose only focus is himself but he wraps himself in this social justice savior veneer while supporting Chinese human rights abuses. He’s the worst type of narcissist.
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CanebreakCajun11 months
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BeachTiger201811 months
The guy is a follower and above all else he wants to be liked by the media and everyone else. The sad thing is he's led an entire generation of young kids to buy into the lie that they should live with the mentality that they're all just victims.
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Revorising11 months
All I will say is he has lived up to hype that has always surrounded him. Kudos to him. He will walk away as one of the greats.
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Eli Goldfinger11 months
LeBraun is a certified dumbass. If he were physically “normal”, he’d be driving a MARTA bus for a living.
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Lynxrufus201211 months
Enes Kanter Freedom is a better story. A story of guts and courage where he lost his NBA career for attacking the Chinese communists and others of similar ilk.
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TheWalrus11 months
He lost his NBA career because he was one of the worst post defenders in league history
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