Charles Barkley hates Skip Bayless. While on The Dan Patrick Show Friday morning he talked about that. Jump to the 6:37 mark...


“Let me tell you how stupid some of these guys are on television,” Barkley told Patrick.

“You know how much I hate Skip Bayless. I hate him with every fiber. Sometimes he makes me want to gain weight back so I can hate him with even more weight.”

“People send me these hot takes and I love going hard at people. Because to sit there and say, ‘Bill only won championships because of Tom Brady,’ that’s stupid and asinine," Barkley said about Bayless.

"Andy Reid’s a great person, he’s a great coach. But how many championships has he won without Patrick Mahomes? So stop trying to hate on Bill Belichick.”

"Dude went to nine Super Bowls," Barkley said about Belichick. "There’s nobody who went to nine Super Bowls who’s overrated."
(The Spun)
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CSinLC2 months
So. Lots of people hate Barkley.
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Blutarsky2 months
So? Everyone does..
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I mean this really isn’t news. Anytime Skip is brought up, Chuck lets everyone know how much he hates him.
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