These Wiffle Ball Pitches Are INSANE
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
I'd rather be able to pitch like this than a real baseball...

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Yeah doing this with waffle balls is not that impressive. Now, hitting them with good contact would be way more impressive
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I don’t understand wiffle baws.
Reply1 month
I’ve seen better breaking balls in the quad.
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You can hear the wind in the microphone. If there's any type of crosswind, then a wiffle ball is going to have serious movement. It ain't rocket science. We used to do this horsing around with a big shop fan; it would shift the ball maybe 25-30 degrees when it hit the wind current.
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How far does a whiffle ball travel when hit? 3 feet?
Reply1 month
If you’d let your sister up she would show how far
1 month
That's what every pitch looked like to me in Little League and Pony League
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It's not fare. The ball moves the pitcher is not doing anything but pressure points. When I was a kid you had to actually make the whiffle ball move.
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Paying a high fare isn't very fair.
1 month
Once you misspell and post you can not correct in this part of the site. I apologize for my mistake and I bow to you as a superior human being.
1 month
Grown men actually do this? Lol
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