The Cubs are giving Wrigley Field a major facelift. And because of that, they have announced a limited number of stadium seats left unused that you can call your own. Per the Cubs website...

As part of our ongoing effort to restore and modernize Wrigley Field, several sections of seats have been or will be removed and replaced during the offseason. Removal and replacement of ballpark seats began during the 2015 offseason and most recently took place at the start of the 2016 offseason. As we continue The 1060 Project, Wrigley Field seats will be removed and replaced and may be available for purchase.

These seats were authenticated with Major League Baseball’s seal of authenticity and will be available to purchase as two-seat sets.
The sale begins on Friday, Feb. 3. If you're a big Cubs fan, this is pretty awesome.

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Not sure where someone would put this. But it would be pretty cool to have, if you were a cubs/wrigley fan.
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