Giants Pitcher Jeff Samardzija Breaks Bat Over Knee After He Strikeouts
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports
Jeff Samardzija will always be the Notre Dame wide receiver I remember him as before he ditched football to go to the majors, so this doesn't surprise me. However, it's still impressive to see the San Francisco Giants pitcher break a bat over this knee after striking out against the Reds on Tuesday night...
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rattlebucket94 months
Bo Jackson would break them over his helmet.
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GeeOH94 months
He a mad he cant hit a low outside pitch, even though his stance is wide open like a scared little girl?
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PortCityTiger2494 months
larry, what does this have to do with being a creep?
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Jcorye194 months
With how narrow those bats get at the handle, it's honestly not that difficult.
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Street Hawk94 months
Larry: Samardzija played wide receiver, not tight end, at Notre Dame. Get your facts straight.
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Sterling Archer94 months
He was a WR not a TE in college Larry
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