Chicago Cubs Adding Sports Book at Wrigley Field So Fans Can Gamble on Baseball
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The Chicago Cubs are getting into the gambling business...

The Cubs announced a multiyear partnership with DraftKings on Thursday -- which includes plans for an in-person sports book at the ballpark.

The book would either be located inside the stadium or in the Wrigleyville-area right outside -- they're still hammering out the details.

No timeline has been set -- but it's obvious both sides are trying to fast track the process.

The book will include betting windows and self-serve kiosks -- it sounds like something similar to what you would see at a horse racing track.

Matt Kalish -- co-founder and president of DraftKings -- says he sees the sportsbook as a hybrid gambling center/bar where fans can grab a beer while plunking down bets.

"It might be the Cubs to win, maybe a few props like first home run, then stroll into the game at 6:45, sit down, sweat my bets and cheer on the Cubs," Kalish said (via ESPN).

"Then, after the game I can stop back at the DraftKings book, relax with my friends, get some food and drink and think about the next day's game, maybe put in a few more tickets."

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HarveyTunnel42 months
No gambling in a Chicago ball park since the Black Sox days.
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LSUtoBOOT42 months
Pete Rose was way ahead of his time.
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