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LSU's Mike the Tigers landed at No. 3 on's top 15 college football mascots. Mike is No. 3 behind Ohio State's Brutus Buckeye (No. 2) and Oregon's "The Duck" (No. 1)

MIke was the highest ranked live mascot.

3. Mike the Tiger
Not only is the bengal tiger one of -- if not the -- most impressive live animal mascots to look at in the country, but his multi-million dollar home on campus is one of the nicest pads around (a closet in the stadium it isn't). Let's face it, having a giant tiger roaming around is a pretty good show of strength for any team.
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TheHiddenFlask109 months
I wasn't offended until I saw who 1 & 2 were. Those both suck.

I wouldn't mind getting beat by FSU, Colorado, Syracuse, or Western Kentucky (even)... but Brutus Buckeye? That isn't in the top 50.
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chadr07109 months
Brutus looks like a giant testicle. How does a tiger get beat out by a duck and a giant testicle?
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SoulGlo109 months
Put the top 10 mascots in a cage together and see who survives.
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Black n Gold109 months
Beat out by a damn duck? These people are dumb.
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whoisnickdoobs109 months
It's because Brutus and that duck actually show their face on gameday.
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SamuelClemens109 months
I like O's duck. Brutus the buc nut is one of college footballs's WORST mascots! Sheesh!
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SammyTiger109 months
I like Dinald Duck too but you should get credit for coloring him green. Booooo this list
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