Dear LSU Family,

Today is my first official day in service to our university, a place that transformed my life many years ago and so many others before and since. Serving as your Director of Athletics is truly humbling. This is home and my alma mater but I chose LSU because I believe.

I believe in who we are. We share a passion for LSU that cannot be measured. Like every one of you, I treasure the accomplishments, traditions and great moments of the past, and I anxiously await to see what we accomplish together in the years ahead.

I believe in LSU. There is no place in America that embodies a people, a culture and a place like LSU in the great state of Louisiana. There is no institution more important to this state and its people than LSU and we will do our part to elevate this university, while graduating our student-athletes and preparing them for their lives after college.

I believe we will win championships. We have some of the best student-athletes in the world right here in Louisiana. We will support them with the best coaches, staff, facilities and academic support in college athletics. And we will win SEC and NCAA championships while building a world-class experience for our student-athletes.

I believe that we can surpass our own high expectations if we do it together. Every single one of you is important to our mission. I know what this place means to you, because it means the same to me. It’s difficult to put it into words, but we all feel it when we are together, heading in the same direction with the same passion, joy and determination that makes the LSU family so special. Yes, there are current challenges we must meet and there will surely be new ones ahead but nothing we can’t overcome together.

Thank you for your warm welcome back to Baton Rouge. It’s good to be home.

Geaux Tigers!

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DaBeerz62 months
Pants [off]
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aremore62 months
I hope this gentleman is our AD for a long, long time. There is a passion and spirit at LSU that is unique and I think this man encapsulates this passion and spirit. I foresee good, no great, things ahead for LSU with this man at the helm. Geaux Tigers!!!
user avatar
Hangit62 months
When he went to aTm, he had a more simple press release. It simply said, "I am not like you. Nobody better touch my rear end."
user avatar
elcid62 months
INB4 We Ridin!
user avatar
GeauxTigers010762 months
This dude was made for this job. Period.
user avatar
honeybadger0762 months
Well frick me sideways....I’m in!!!!
user avatar
Jesus Magillicutty62 months
Very different vibe from "I am the search" Alleva.
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CDawson62 months
Strong words, strong vision from a strong leader. Welcome home, Scott!
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LSU Patrick62 months
"Every single one of you is important to our mission." Well, he was definitely addressing the rant.
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lsumucll3ug62 months
I think they all should be concerned. They have all become complacent in there responsibilities. I hope the axe is being sharpened. It should have been long ago.
user avatar
1962 months
Careful with that axe, Eugene.
user avatar
1962 months
user avatar
TaderSalad62 months
Anybody else hear an ax being sharpened?
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crewdepoo62 months
Bud does he believe will wade
user avatar
The Don62 months
I believe Paul should be concerned
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AugieDog62 months
Paul and Nikki should be worried ,because mediocrity will no longer reside in Red Red Stick .
user avatar
mr bunion62 months
"Pawl, come to my office please"
user avatar
1962 months
(Fresh box of Kleenex on his desk)
user avatar
toratiger62 months
Welcome Home
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