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Multiple sources are reporting that former LSU players Zach Mettenberger and Anthony Johnson both had their drug tests flagged at this year's NFL Combine for either failed or diluted results.

Per Jay Glazer with Fox Sports:

The top prospect on the list was Florida State defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan, who is projected as a mid first-round selection. Another big name was Louisiana State quarterback Zach Mettenberger. first reported that Mettenberger tested positive for having a diluted urine sample, which would count as a failed test under the NFL's drug program.

Among the other notable players who were listed to NFL teams as having failed Combine drug tests in February were LSU defensive tackle Anthony Johnson, University of Miami tackle Seantrel Henderson, and Florida State linebackers Telvin Smith and Christian Jones.
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Mettenberger's agents Joe Linta and Seth Katz told FOX Sports that the diluted sample was caused by extra water his client was drinking on the advice of his doctor. Linta said Mettenberger had begun to suffer from cramping while rehabilitating from a torn anterior cruciate ligament.

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11thACR121 months
Great Pub for LSU…really helps Recruiting…

These Guys are X-Tigers….Correct ??
user avatar
LSU Patrick121 months
Mett was getting high on H2O.
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SouthOfSouth121 months
It says his urine was diluted meaning he drank too much water... Doesn't mean he was on anything at all...
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spslayto121 months
So you can't drink extra water without a test being flagged. Take a hair sample then. Crazy.
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lsutothetop121 months
I can see Mett's. Without any explanation for Freak though that's worrying
user avatar
fightingtigers98121 months
Mett's is no big deal, but Johnson's doesn't look to good
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Placebeaux121 months
Move nfl headquarters to Denver. Problem solved.
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monsterballads121 months
click bait.... dragging LSU players names through the mud...
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dreaux121 months
lol. Smoke some more dude.
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Bigpoppat121 months
"Let then grown arse weed do what the frick they want in their free time."

WTF is this shite?
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dax9876121 months
"Let then grown arse weed do what the frick they want in their free time." ----Da Fuqu?
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UnAnon121 months
Let then grown arse weed do what the frick they want in their free time.
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