The Spun by Sports Illustrated recently ranked all SEC Football Coaches heading into the 2024 season and had LSU's Brian Kelly at No. 2 on the list behind Georgia's Kirby Smart.

2. Brian Kelly, LSU

If Alabama really is destined to take a step back in the absence of Nick Saban, it stands to reason that Brian Kelly and his Tigers will pick up the mantle of the SEC's No. 2 team (at least this year).

He led the Tigers to the SEC Championship in his first year at the helm and would've done so again if he had beaten the Tide in Tuscaloosa back in November.
Full Rankings:
1. Kirby Smart, Georgia
2. Brian Kelly, LSU
3. Hugh Freeze, Auburn
4. Steve Sarkisian, Texas
5. Kalen DeBoer, Alabama
6. Eliah Drinkwitz, Missouri
7. Lane Kiffin, Ole Miss
8. Mark Stoops, Kentucky
9. Josh Heupel, Tennessee
10. Shane Beamer, South Carolina
11. Brent Venables, Oklahoma
12. Billy Napier, Florida
13. Sam Pittman, Arkansas
14. Mike Elko, Texas A&M
15. Jeff Lebby, Mississippi State
16. Clark Lea, Vanderbilt
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Spankum1 month
Pretty good list, IMO. Though I would have to put Jeff Lebby five spots higher and sun-belt Billy near the bottom.
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faraway1 month
clearly a biased idiotic list. no way Lane is less than 3 and is probably #2. why even post something so obviously biased?
user avatar
Jax-Tiger1 month
Cracks me up that Florida's coach can't break the top 10...
user avatar
225Tyga1 month
Where is Nick Sabans name? :lol:
user avatar
225Tyga1 month
Where is Jimbo Fishers name?
user avatar
225Tyga1 month
I agree with this list, the only coach i MIGHT take over BK is Kirby Smart
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texastigerr1 month
At this point Sarkisian should be ahead of Freeze. Freeze will turn Auburn around and they will be an annual contender but not yet. Kiffin, Drinkwitz, and Heupel have to be ahead of DeBoer at this point. IMO.
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cajunmud1 month
So...BK'll remain at 2 until we get 2 in a row also.
user avatar
*Freeze at #3 is crazy
*Kiffin > Drinkwitz
*Heupel > Stoops

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IMJ1271 month
Finally an adult makes the rankings
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