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ImayGoLesMiles49 months
Man, people from all over the country and from every walk of life love Ed O. He's just so genuine and sincere. People respect that in people and they can tell it when they see it. He's got this infectious personality that draws other in and when they see that he's the same all the time and to everyone, they want to be around him and speak to him. What a great ambassador for LSU and our football program. He was absolutely born for this job and it shows. Geaux Tigers.
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chinco banditos49 months
The interviewer, Sandra Smith, is an LSU alum and was on the track team.
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KCT49 months
He looks healthy and happy. I'd like to see a photo of his girlfriend. LOL!
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Tiger36549 months
So he’s a great ambassador because he is on Fox, or because he just pulled our program out of the stone age and won a championship? A great ambassador doesn’t represent only one point of view, he is gracious in all arenas.
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rob6249 months
Shut the frick up you dumbass Democrat. The man went on the Network which asked him to go on. He responded well. Why do you Democrats have to be butthurt about everything? You bitch no matter what anyone does unless it suits some retarded agenda you nitwits have. Idiots.
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RazzleDazzle49 months
a-hole lib
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slicc333349 months
If your going to say stupid things like this..... Please remove the Tiger from your "handle name" and choose something stupid like... aholedemcrapbutplugger365. Coach O was also on --Late kick, hangin with Hester, off the bench, espn, First take, and every other network. idiot.
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TNTigerman49 months
Guarantee you that was her favorite interview of all time. She looked like she was ready to jump out of that chair toward the end.
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Mike da Tigah49 months
Love Coach O. He’s the genuine article.
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roguetiger1549 months
frickin great ambassador for our state college
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Miganey49 months
Geaux Tigahs
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pecxs49 months
The whole national needs college football. Geaux Tigers!
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LSU82Cajun49 months
Fox and LSU’s Ed Orgeron great interview. Not only is Coach O a great coach but an awesome ambassador for LSU and Louisiana in general.
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BayouBengal9949 months
Completely agree! I’ll bet that he could go on CNN and just as admirable there as he is on FOX or any other station or affiliate.
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Philzilla2k49 months
Could he be interviewed by an alumnus and Varsity letter-woman on CNN or any other network?
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Tiger T Rog49 months
Coach O hates Bama and FAKE NEWS (CNN corrupt news network)
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