Here is LSU coach Les Miles addressing the media following the Tigers' 41-7 loss against Auburn on Saturday night.

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ntexastiger113 months
it's the last game of miserable season. how can it be labeled a "work in process"? for all intents and purposes this years "work" has been finalized. please clm, keep your mittens off the offense. i love you as a man, recruiter, and representative of lsu but lets be honest...your offensive philosophy stinks! we've lost possible 2 national championships because of an offense that has seen light of day, outside of lsu, for 4 decades. we have an all pro offensive team that never met its ability under your guidance. and don't get me started on your woeful record of developing quarterbacks into 'adequate' sec quarterbacks. for all i know the 3 that were better than average were schooled at least some of their college careers under another coach.
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Doctor K116 months
Les, You keep saying you will run plays that better suite our Players but you keep running that out dated I formation with bunched up line spacing. Let me help you out, RUN A UPDATED OFFENSE (i.e..Spread)
look at every other team in the SEC. Teams with way less talent then we have at LSU, they progressing and leaving us in the dust. If I was a skill player coming out of High School today I would not attend LSU because of the scheme we run. If I played Defense I would not come because we would spend way to much time on the field because of the out dated offense which causes us to go 3 and out way to much. Want proof look at the amour of skill players we are loosing to the like of A&M,Ms.State,Alabama and Auburn. Hell even Saban has started running a spread offense. WAKE UP LES ARE THERE WILL BE A MASS EXODUS OF TALENT THE STATE. It's a trickle now but that can and will become a flood. PLEASE COME INTO THE 21ST CENTURY OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL. It is no longer 3 yds and a cloud of dust!!!
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CCTiger116 months
Miles: "I suck, see ya!"
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otowntiger116 months
More like "disaster in progress". I don't see any work happening, lol!
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