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Paul Myerberg with USA TODAY Sports wont be making any friends around Baton Rouge anytime soon...

In his annual rankings for all 128 teams in college football, Myerberg left LSU out of the top 25 and ranked them No. 27. Only five teams from the SEC were ranked in the top 25.

Here is the top 50:

1. Ohio State
2. Baylor
3. Auburn
4. Alabama
5. Boise State
6. TCU
7. Oregon
8. Arizona State
9. Michigan State
10. Stanford
11. UCLA
12. Florida State
13. Clemson
14. Mississippi
15. Oklahoma
16. Georgia
17. Southern California
18. Georgia Tech
19. Arizona
20. Virginia Tech
21. Notre Dame
22. Nebraska
23. Missouri
24. Wisconsin
25. Texas
26. Louisville
27. Louisiana State
28. Penn State
29. Oklahoma State
30. Cincinnati
31. Arkansas
32. North Carolina
33. Tennessee
34. Minnesota
35. Memphis
36. Duke
37. Western Kentucky
38. Brigham Young
39. Northern Illinois
40. South Carolina
41. Marshall
42. Utah State
43. Utah
44. North Carolina State
45. Mississippi State
46. Miami (Fla.)
47. Texas A&M
48. San Diego State
49. California
50. Navy

You can see the rest of the rankings here.
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Apparently he didn't get the memo about Tennessee being back
Reply97 months
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He also has Western Kentucky 37 and Louisiana Tech not in top 50. Tech beat Western Kentucky 59-10 last year.
Reply97 months
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This list is BS! AZ AZSt. & Ga Tech above LSU! Bring web on!
Reply97 months
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What a waste of time. Any jackass can make a ranking
Reply97 months
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Texas and Nebraska in the top 25 and not LSU! Wow! U no his job don't drug test!!
Reply97 months
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Georgia Tech at 18 but LSU outside the top 25??? Lmao!!! I guess his 3 year old randomly picked teams
Reply97 months
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Paul who?
Reply97 months
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32. North Carolina
44. North Carolina State

What the actual frick? 35-7

It's incredible how the hype machine can restart every year fresh for UNC
Reply97 months
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Reply97 months
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He's just trying to start a buzz and get clicks. Boise state over TCU? C'mon man!
Reply97 months
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What a joke
Reply97 months
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He has Boise State ranked #5 ahead of TCU. This poll has zero credibility.
Reply97 months
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Wow, just wow
Reply97 months
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