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I find it difficult to judge until the final product is finished.
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im an architect - which doesnt mean my opinion on design is more valid than anyone else - but i have to say the concrete block outhouses at the top center are pretty damn awful. when we have looked at this design in the office (informally) and commented on it, the opinions are pretty negative across the board. the outside like the intention was to have a roman colosseum look (like the north endzone), but the proportions of some of the fenestrations look odd. there are also too many rows of fenestrations, and the way the top rim pokes out (to that extent) is bizarre as hell. it reminds me of the top of the abandoned jimmy swaggart bible building-turned hotel. i also find it very quirky and poorly executed how the upper deck merges awkwardly with the existing west upper deck. this awkward transition is more apparent from the outside.

i am really very disappointed with how tiger stadium has evolved in recent years. the north endzone is one of the best college football stadium facades in america (the best in my humble opinion). the cast in place concrete shows the original form work and wood grain. this is a look people pay aloooot of money to achieve these days. when they added the new windows into this facade it became magnificent. it was magnificent because it had nice proportions, nice materials, and was SIMPLE. since then, they have over-designed the crap out of it. all the goofy looking entry arches all around the entry plazas, the weird looking south endzone upper deck design, the huge letters outside the west upper, the complete lack of a unified coherent overall direction...

very let down by it all. and frankly, a little surprised because HKS (firm that designed south upper) usually does pretty decent work.

thankfully, all the above takes a very very distant second place to what happens on the field.
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Already walking around in club area drinking with friends...oh you meant the rest of the stadium.
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Obligatory it will never be ready in time
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It'll never be ready in time.
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it'll never be ready in time
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Think ChopHouse at Turner Field for a Braves game. We learned this week that beer may be sold eventually at Tiger Stadium. I envision walking around with a cold beer enjoying the company of friends while watching the Tigers kick some butt............... Now that would be a great fan expererience Joe Aleva..
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Will there be standing room only areas? I think the ability to stand up and walk around and socialize while watching the game adds a lot to a game experience. Not everyone likes to sit the entire game, especially in the little cramped seats, or the bench seats......
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The Video Boards really look outta place. I do realize they're not complete yet, but I hope they frame them well.

Plus, I don't like the gap between the Video Boards and the east & west upper decks.

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Instead of the eyesore PVC pipe, we get to bitch constantly about the concrete outhouses on the upper level.
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Any pics of the locker room renovations?
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