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The Advocate is reporting that the LSU Tiger Marching Band will not be traveling to road game this upcoming season due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The decision not to travel was made collectively by the LSU Department of Bands and the Athletic Department, said Kelvin Jones, Tiger Marching Band director.

Five road games are scheduled: a nonconference contest against Rice at Houston's NRG Stadium on Sept. 19, and Southeastern Conference games at Florida on Oct. 10, Arkansas on Oct. 17, Auburn on Nov. 21 and Texas A&M on Nov. 28.
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Mike da Tigah43 months
LOL, How does this make a difference in spreading the virus or not?
user avatar
burreauxxx43 months
Frick China. I even think we should remove the country from Chinese Bandits and just endear them now as The Bandits
user avatar
hg43 months
Suck that COVID dick, bitch
user avatar
blizzle43 months
I don't like this any more than you do, but there probably won't be games this Fall
user avatar
Smalls43 months
Neither are fans.
user avatar
No more Neck! Sad times...
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CDawson43 months
Politics have ruined everything and now have eyes set on sports. LSU cowering to the BLM mob was just the beginning. This isn't about health, it's 100% political at this point.
user avatar
Politics and BLM. That's all that matters in the country anymore. Anything else can just frick off apparently.
user avatar
Tigers4Lyfe43 months
Since when does politics put people in hospitals? Is it a coincidence that since things opened back up that the patient level in hospitals is rising? How does politics play ninto that?
user avatar
LSU-DUDE43 months
Lol yall right wing clowns still think its a hoax I see smh.
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