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Here are a some over/unders for the 2015 season, according to Online Sportsbook Bovada that involve LSU sophomore running back Leonard Fournette and a few other SEC players:

Total Rushing Yards – Leonard Fournette (LSU)
Over/Under 1200

Total Rushing Touchdowns – Leonard Fournette (LSU)
Over/Under 12.5

Total Rushing Yards – Derrick Henry (Alabama)
Over/Under 1300

Total Rushing Touchdowns – Derrick Henry (Alabama)
Over/Under 14.5

Total Rushing Yards – Nick Chubb (Georgia)
Over/Under 1350

Total Rushing Touchdowns – Nick Chubb (Georgia)
Over/Under 13.5

Total Passing Yards - Dak Prescott (Mississippi State)
Over/Under 3300

Total Passing Touchdowns - Dak Prescott (Mississippi State)
Over/Under 26.5

Total Receiving Yards – Laquon Treadwell (Mississippi)
Over/Under 1000

Total Receiving Touchdowns – Laquon Treadwell (Mississippi)
Over/Under 9.5
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25LSU25102 months
Fournette Over Henry and Chubb. Book it.
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tgerb8102 months
He had 10 TDs last year, right? Over for 12.5 seems like easy money!
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Datbayoubengal102 months
Over for Fournette. Why do I keep seeing this 1200 yard rushing number from different places in the media and now gambling places? Isn't this supposedly a heisman contender? A guy that is supposed to get the ball 20 times a game?

with 14.38 carries per game last year, he had 1034 yards and 10 TDs. That's with a horrendous passing game, musical chairs at RB, an inconsistent OL, and his own freshman hump to get over.

If you use just his ypc and cpTD (carries per TD) from last year, this is what you would get on 20 carries per game:

260 carries 1437.8 yards 14 TDs

So that's his floor with no improvement anywhere but increasing his carries.
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Corch Urban Myers102 months
Over on everything. This kid is a beast.
user avatar
Mr Fusion102 months
Over over
user avatar
LSUtigers111102 months
Over for Fournette on both. Under for everyone else.
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