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After multiple weather delays on Saturday night, LSU's season opener against McNeese State has been canceled. The game will not be made up, according to Vice Chancellor and Athletics Director Joe Alleva. Per

"It boiled down to player safety," said Vice Chancellor and Athletics Director Joe Alleva said in a press conference. "In talking to our doctors and trainers, we would need a full warm up....We just had a lightning strike right now, so it would be another 29 minutes until we could start that. We felt it was not in the best interest of our players to player the game."

Alleva indicated that playing on Sunday was not an option, as McNeese would have had to travel back to Lake Charles on Saturday and return on Sunday. Additionally, logistics of hosting a game on Sunday at Tiger Stadium would be nearly impossible.
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whoisnickdoobs106 months
Lol @ SayHeyTiger... I'm pretty sure it was Obama's decision to cancel the game.
user avatar
LeClerc106 months
Some of you are just plain pathetic. A football game was cancelled. A FOOTBALL GAME! And seyheyteyparty, why don't you go back to the poli board with your drivel.... Get a life people!
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ShlikStyck106 months
So since there was no do I get my money back?
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colors_of_kings106 months
I believe this decision was made due to the trainers' recommendations who actually understand the effects of playing at full speed with a tired mind and body. Yes I wanted to see football but also am very glad we've got decision makers who did the right thing.
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Mulerider106 months
The band can't play traditional songs because the student section may offend someone. You can hit any one hard without getting ejected and now lighting strikes in Denham Sprngs and Tiger Stadium is shut down. Make sense to me. In 15 years we will be playing flag football in Tiger Stadium.

If this rule was in place for the last 30 years we would have had 50 games cancelled.
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TheFranchise106 months
There is absolutely ZERO logistical reason why a game cannot be played Sunday or Monday. It's been done before. Mr. Alleva saying
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lsusince60106 months
Bet Roger Goodell had something to do with it.
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SayHeyTiger106 months
99 pct. likelihood that some Liberal puke dreamed up this ridiculous lightning policy . never is there any rational thought process or accountability in anything Democrats are involved with. was there some rash of lightning induced deaths in recent years that i missed? what about the 100,000 fans ( oh by the way, who are sitting on metal seats at higher elevations ) , are they of lessor importance, because only a small percentage can seek shelter ?
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Hugo Stiglitz106 months
We will look back on this and say, "Mistakes were made."
user avatar
Ragin' Tiger106 months
Is there any reason they can't play the game Sunday? It's not like we're playing an opponent from out of state.
user avatar
winston318106 months
This hurts. Mississippi State is getting action and live reps. This is a bad deal
user avatar
jnugz187106 months
Yeah alleva is a douche. You have to at least get us to 11:30.
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