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LSU student Brittany Dillon, 23, was arrested for selling fake tickets to the Alabama game on Nov. 8...

LSUPD spokesperson Capt. Cory Lalonde said officers discovered through investigation that Dillon had reproduced her student ticket and sold copies to other students, which is why the tickets did not work at the gate.

Lalonde said officers obtained an arrest warrant for Dillon after they were able to identify her.

Police located and spoke to Dillon on Nov. 25, when she admitted to selling her ticket multiple times.

Lalonde said Dillon was arrested and booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.
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If I were going to scam people, I would buy a ticket from someone I didn't know and make copies of that. But that's not my style, I share a birthday with Honest Abe.
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Tounces111 months
no she was not
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pellietigersaint111 months
pics or gtfo
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gameovergt111 months
was she at least hot?
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KosmoCramer111 months
She could say she did/lost it and someone else reproduced it.

Unless she was dumb enough to leave a paper trail or met these people in person.
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Vernonbrew22111 months
Hope she sold them to a Bamer, at the very least.
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Team Vote111 months
It would be pretty hard to have a plausible defense for this, seeing as her name was probably on all the damn tickets.
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wrc12111 months
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HailFreezusOver111 months
.. She admitted to it...
Come on LSU lawyer up. You Cajuns make it to easy
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