This is how we do Saturdays at LSU.
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Oneforthemoney96 months
Heard that LSU is coming out with a Offense Hype video. Its called, countdown to mediocrity.........
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lathoroughbred96 months
What band does this music come from?
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JBeam96 months
Our media department needs to step up their game (See Ole Miss & UGA)
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SoulGlo96 months
Yeah Fournette's a badass, but I get excited to see Guice run. The effort is amazing.
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MaHittaMaHitta96 months
Where is Bonstonker when you need him?
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The Levee96 months
That music was awful.
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supersaints996 months
Wow a hype video without rap music. Never knew that was possible
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chalupa96 months
We haven't had a quality video editor/producer since 2011. Those 2011 hype videos were sick, not just cause we were good that year, they were genuinely well made videos. Our video team has fallen off a cliff since 2011.
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The Truth 3496 months
Not many highlights after October...
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The Shaqtus96 months
That song sucks
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BOSCEAUX96 months
Better than most of the bullshite hip hop songs that go with these hype videos. At least I can understand the lyrics. Get off my lawn.
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LeClerc96 months
Agreed, song sucks. Is that even a real band or some made up bs?
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