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There are 11 former LSU Football players that have both a Super Bowl Ring and a BCS Title Ring.

With a win in the Super Bowl next Sunday, Trindon Holiday of the Denver Broncos can become the 12th player from LSU with both. Here are the other 11 players:

Devery Henderson - New Orleans Saints
Marlon Favorite - New Orleans Saints
Randall Gay - New Orleans Saints & New England Patriots
Marquise Hill - New England Patriots
Eric Alexander - New England Patriots
Joseph Addai - Indianapolis Colts
Michael Clayton - New York Giants
Corey Webster - New York Giants
Matt Flynn - Green Bay Packers
Quinn Johnson - Green Bay Packers
Justin Vincent - Pittsburgh Steelers
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tigbit121 months
Doesn't Chad Jones have both plus baseball CWS ring?
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AndrewD121 months
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ScootiniTiger121 months
Chad had two from LSU in Baseball and Football. Probably would have had another had he not left early.
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Galactic Inquisitor121 months
Marquise Hill, what could have been.
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