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Here was the reaction on Twitter from LSU Football players after it was confirmed that running back coach and recruiting coordinator Frank Wilson was taking the head coaching job at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

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He has ambition to be a head coach, this is well deserved and a step he has take. Success there leads to bigger and better opportunities. How in the world could anyone not be happy for him. We hate to lose hime but this is great to reach his dreams.
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hey BEBE hey BEBE
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who's recruiting coordinator now? Bebe?
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And furthermore.... What people don't understand is this.. Is it just me or did everyone see that LSU came within one game (atm) of the WHOLE STAFF BEING LET GO!!! Whenever you have an opportunity to take an UPGRADE in position and pay to gain experience you take it. Who in the he## are we to say when is a good time or bad time to take a job bc of a selfishness to the university we like... Smh
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Beyond selfish?!?!?!.... So if UTSA gave FW a deadline to make a decision on whether he wanted the job or not (I'm sure they did) then what the he#* you expect him to do?!? "Oh btw... I have a recruiting class that I helped put together so just hold up until after signing day.".... Man get a life! Maybe one day YOU should work as a coach to get where he's at and then you can make your own decision if you want a HC gig.... Smh
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Best of luck coach!
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Good luck coach.
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Good for him. He has benefited is greatly and deserves to be a head coach.

What I don't understand is these idiots pissed he is leaving. Do they think that running back coaches should be holding out to coach top 10 programs while having no HC experience?

Good jump for him IMO.
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This is such a terribad career decision.

He would be getting much better opportunities if he stayed aboard the LF7 paintrain one more year. I imagine he would get better offers from USTA, and even if he didn't- is his contract is up next year? If it is, he would likely get a sizeable raise.

The only thing that I can figure is he just really doesn't like Baton Rouge or he just really, really wanted to be a head coach anywhere.
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I'm with you 100%, been getting shredded by tRant but to hell with them. I stated the same opinion. This was shitty timing and beyond selfish to the team and university and will hurt the recruiting this class badly.
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You are a retard
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Frick all you Vajayjay's. He went to UTSA...frick him. Dude just committed career suicide. I will be here when the downvotes go away to remind you all how stupid of a move this was on his part.
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They got a good coach
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Hate to see him leave LSU but wish him the best of luck as HC at UTSA.
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Well deserved it is.
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