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CBS Sports released their preseason top 25 on Tuesday and left LSU out of the rankings but pegged them at No. 30.

SEC teams that were ranked ahead of LSU include Alabama (No. 1), Georiga (3), Auburn (9), Mississippi State (16), Florida (25), and Texas A&M (28) which are all team that the Tigers will face in 2018. LSU will open the season against No. 11 Miami in Arlington, TX.

1. Alabama
2. Clemson
3. Georgia
4. Ohio State
5. Wisconsin
6. Washington
7. Oklahoma
8. Penn State
9. Auburn
10. Michigan State
11. Miami (Fla.)
12. Notre Dame
13. Michigan
14. Stanford
15. TCU
16. Mississippi State
17. Southern California
18. Florida State
19. Texas Longhorns
20. West Virginia
21. Boise State
22. South Carolina
23. UCF
24. Oregon
25. Florida

26. Virginia Tech
27. Utah
28. Texas A&M
29. Florida Atlantic
30. LSU

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Who cares!
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Only fans that want a winner. Didn’t take a coach gumbeaux very long to drive this program back into obscurity
62 months
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Mark my words, LSU wins the west this year.
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62 months
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Que “_____ has always hated LSU”
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Queue paso mi amigo!
62 months
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Boy are they gonna look dumb soon.
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CBS is fake news anyway! Tigers will prove them wrong this fall and show how flawed their preseason poll really is!
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