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The LSU guest captains for the Florida game on Saturday will be Tommy Clapp (1984-1987), Will Clapp (2014-2017), Jerald Hawkins (2012-2015), Stephen Peterman (2000-2003).

All four will be presented in front of Tiger Stadium around 10:48 am CT before kickoff.

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tirebiter28 months
Peterman must have given the OL a pep talk regarding kicking arse on the LOS before kick off.
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Tigermite28 months
When we gonna get herman johnson for a guest captain?
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JackieTreehorn28 months
Coach O got the Clapp
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PetermanFanClub28 months
Peterman! One of my all favorite tigers! Had a real mean streak. One of Saban's first commitments! All the way from Waveland, MS.
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Will Munny28 months
PetermanFanClub I’m happy for you
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Fightin Okra28 months
That will be some beef
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LSUtoBOOT28 months
Hope they don’t suffer any injuries before the game, it’s been a tough week.
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