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LSU's matchup against Mississippi State at Tiger Stadium on Saturday, October 20 will be Tigers Homecoming game, the school announced Thursday.

Here are the other special game dates that were announced.

National L Club Spring Game:
Sat, Apr. 21

Purple Game:
Sat, Sep. 22 vs. Louisiana Tech

Gold Game / 1958 National Championship Reunion:
Sat, Sep 29 vs. Ole Miss

Sat, Oct 20 vs. Mississippi State

LSU Salutes:
Sat, Nov 03 vs. Alabama

Senior Tribute / Alumni Band:
Sat, Nov 17 vs. Rice

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user avatar
JJBTiger201271 months
That's schedule is brutal
user avatar
Alltheway Tigers!71 months
Or we can be chick$hit and just play a non-SEC, extremely lower-tiered school for HC for the lay-up win. I like the move. Make HC worth something for the alumni and such.
user avatar
Tactical171 months
Are they looking to lose two straight homecoming games?
user avatar
tiger101471 months
Schedule your HC game against the team that beat you by 30 last year. Bold strategy let’s see how it works out for them cotton
user avatar
Bricks50471 months
Wasnt we their homecoming last year??
user avatar
WirelessMike71 months
I remember being Florida's homecoming. I don't recall if we were Miss State's, too.
user avatar
Deltatiger71 months
Surely was like the 3rd game of the season, right?
user avatar
LSUrme71 months
Homecoming: Sat, Oct 20 vs. Mississippi State Why do we do this to ourselves?
user avatar
LaBR471 months
There has never been a Purple Game. Stadium Should look good. Good call making in Sept.
user avatar
PsychTiger71 months
Most of our fans will ignore the "purple Game" and just where whatever color they wish, like normal.
user avatar
PsychTiger71 months
or wear :banghead:
user avatar
WirelessMike71 months
Went to the 2011 "Purple Game" against Western Michigan. There did seem to be more purple than usual, but it was nowhere near what most would call a "blackout."
user avatar
Load Toad71 months
Tough schedule, I would say 8 or 9 wins.
user avatar
Barbellthor71 months
Tough schedule. Maybe. Maybe more. I’m going to enjoy the clean slate.
user avatar
Shwapp71 months
Bold move there, Cotton. Let's see how it plays out for them.
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