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LSU has been named "Running Back U" by College Spun based on a point system during the BCS era.

Points were awarded for:

First Round Selection: 7 Points
Second Round Selection: 6 Points
Third Round Selection: 5 Points
Fourth Round Selection: 4 Points
Fifth Round Selection: 3 Points
Sixth Round Selection: 2 Points
Seventh Round Selection: 1 Point

Here is the Top 5:
5. Alabama: 38 Points (8 Selections)
4. Auburn: 40 Points (7 Selections)
3. Ohio State: 42 Points (10 Selections)
2. Miami: 44 Points (10 Selections)
1. LSU: 49 Points (13 Selections)

The Tigers from from Baton Rouge earned the title of “Running Back U” during 16-year time frame. It may shock some to see LSU atop this list, but it truly is a deserved honor. Its 13 NFL Draft selections at the running back position led the NCAA, and its seven running backs selected in the first four rounds tied Miami for the most.

Like several others on this list, the Tigers were one of the six schools to have a running back selected in each round of the draft. LSU has had one first round selection in Joseph Addai (2006), and two second-rounders in Kevin Faulk (1999) and Jeremy Hill (2014). Stevan Ridley, taken in the third round of the 2011 draft, has become an important player for the New England Patriots. The Tigers had two players (Hill, Alfred Blue) taken in this past year’s draft.

Perhaps No. 1 running back recruit Leonard Fournette knew as much when he signed on to play for Les Miles?
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Richard Murphy played for Jags for a few years. Justin Vincent had some with the Steelers. Do we also get points for Shawn Jordan being in the UFC?
Reply90 months
I'd like to see a similar calculation for DBs. Lsu has put out some great DBs lately.
Reply90 months

"aaahahahahhaha and you corn dogs call bama fans delusional?"

Don't let facts get in the way of throwing out a gratuitous "corn dog" reference...what a dumbass!!!
Reply90 months
Michael Ford
Reply90 months
Incase your too lazy to school down @vuvuzela now has 63 DOWNVOTES

Reply90 months
Vulva ,Lsu has scouted recruited and home grew most of these rbs ,espn has did the majortity of bamas recruiting for at least the sabin era !
Reply90 months
I'd probably take the U's guys over ours prior to the last couple of years. They had such an unbelievable pipeline to the first round.
Reply90 months
Well 11thACR, LSU uses their awesome group of RBs as a group which keeps each of them fresh throughout the game. Whichever one is doing the best that game gets the most carries. This is how the best player still keeps his stats up even though he shared caries with two or three other RBs.

This also keeps the injury bug at bay which means that an LSU RB showing up for his first day of NFL rookie camp is more "fresh" and injury free compared to a player of similar caliber from another school that doesn't have a deep group NFL caliber RBs to utilize.

Another perk to having such an embarrassment of riches is that the Tigers will reload once again after losing two of the best RBs in the nation in this year's NFL draft. Yup, the two current NFL caliber veteran RBs on the roster will be joined by two more future NFL quality RBs who will also get drafted highly and so on, etc.

So as for LSU's RBs performing in the NFL... of coarse they will do well. It's just common sense once you actually watch what is going on in Baton Rouge these days.
Reply90 months
Running back U. LSU fans already knew this. Suck it Bama.
Reply90 months
Well let's see how they did..... Faulk won 3 superbowls, Davis was rookie of the year, toefield was a payed player for 5 years, Addai won a superbowl and hold record for receptions in a superbowl by a rb, Hester played for 5 years, holiday broke records for special teams..... Am I doing this right?
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Reply90 months
Draft Picks are about Potential not Performance ...

How these guys do at LSU and in the NFL....??
Reply90 months
It wont stop anytime soon either. Fournette, Williams, Brossette, and Guice will all continue to carry that torch.
Reply90 months
How are LSU fans delusional when college spun created this?
Reply90 months
Umm, LSU fans are delusional because some website posted this...
Reply90 months
1999 Faulk-Patriots
2000 Mealey- Packers
2003 Davis- Texans
2003 Toefield- Jags
2006 Addai-Colts
2008 Hester- Chargers
2009 Johnson- Packers
2010 Scott- Eagles
2010 Holliday- Texans
2011 Ridley- Patriots
2013 Ware- Seahawks
2014 Hill- Bengals
2014 Blue- Texans

Now if someone can update this with any FA signed RBs, then it would really be complete.
Reply90 months
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