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LSU reporter Emily Dixon recently caught up with Les Miles after practice on Thursday and asked about the status of running back Leonard Fournette and the health of the offensive line.

"Leonard Fournette is a go," Miles said. "If not a go, we won't know until game day."
Miles added that the offensive line is good to go, minus the suspension of Josh Boutte. Maea Teuhema will replace Boutte at right guard vs. Jacksonville State.

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Quid Pro Quo93 months
Les Miles remains vague. True. RB is the most short-lived NFL/FBS career. It gets even shorter when you run into a 9 man front, smashmouth, slow tempo where the defense (ALA) has time to sub 15 'front seven'. 11 carries for 35 yds in the 1st half at Wisc and 0 TDs with an injury is not a good start. Miles own coaches begged him not to run LF at the ALA line. Chris Carter, McFarland, and Spears said this week that when LF lines up in the I and the other teams know what gap you are going to hit your injury risk skyrockets, and that is on the Coach. LF got knocked out of the 2014 ALA game by Landon Collins who had a 20 yd full head of steam and hit LF at the LOS. When he went to the sideline he lost his balance and fell to the right where he got hit. Then he got blasted by Reuben Foster and sat out 3 weeks. Samaje Perine, 235 lbs, got knocked out of the Hou/Okla game by a 200 lb DB and Herman said That hit kind of symbolizes the way we train and the way we prepare, the way we understand the only way we have a chance against all of these freaks and NFL Draft picks and 4- and 5-star recruits is to out-hit them. LF has a 10 million insurance policy and Miles has a 15 million buyout...Miles is going to run him into the line even though he had greater success from the shotgun/run pass option and as a receiver after Moore went down vs South Carolina.
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Pectus93 months
Should have sat this season to not risk injury for pro eligibility next year. Shame.
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lsusportsman293 months
People who think like you are fricking retards.
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rintintin93 months
If LF has any inkling of an injury you rest him this week. Guice is fully capable of handling the load in this game. Save LF for when it matters and make sure he's fully healthy. Don't ruin this kid.
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jpainter617493 months
This. His ankle needs to fully heal or he will keep tweaking it. If we can't beat jsu without fournette then what's the point of risking his career.
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EZE Tiger Fan93 months
I'd be OK with LF7 sitting the rest of the year and saving himself from potential injury. He's worth millions. Don't want him to ruin it with this offense that will have him running into brick walls over and over again.
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Datbayoubengal93 months
I'm selfish. I want him to play every game as long as he's not seriously hurt, but with the way Miles runs him into defenses, it's probably better for him to take it easy for his future.
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VesperiaLSU93 months
Les, man up and try to win this game without LF7
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the LSUSaint93 months
Good job Miles. Don't want to give too much info to that powerhouse J St. Cause they might plan on a way to stop our run! Bravo, you dolt
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ColeLSU93 months
Les: "Leonard is a go. Unless he's not a go...." Rest of world: "huh?"
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Neauxla_Tiger93 months
It's pretty simple. He's going to play. Unless he doesn't.
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Hester Carries93 months
Oh i get it...unless i dont.
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