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When asked where he thinks LSU will finish in the SEC West, ESPN's Jesse Palmer said the Tiger will finish 5th. Here is what he had to say:

"[I see LSU] Finishing 5th, behind Alabama, Auburn, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State. I think LSU is going to win nine games this year, but I think they are going to finish 5th in that division. If there were three words I could use to sum up LSU, it would be "young", "talented", but "unproven".
Palmer is definitely not making any friends around here.

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otowntiger115 months
Hey, at least we're ahead of Arky and aTm!
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StormTiger115 months
I don't see Auburn or Miss St beating us, so no. If he'd have said 3rd, I might could see where he's coming from, but not 5th.
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LSU Patrick115 months
Love the pic!
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Gugich22115 months
Mississippi State? Really?
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JermStone115 months
Explain the math to me. We win 9, which means we lose 3...and finish 5th? Does not add up.
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Peliclown115 months
Like his opinion means anything. Every lsu fan here that actually seriously follows the team can make a better assessment then him. So who really gives a shite about his opinion... Lsu is stacked and predicting us behind cowbells, Ole piss , and Auburn is a load of bullshite. We are going to run over teams this year using the ground game... Good luck
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lsuhunt555115 months
Someone point out a year where Palmer was right in his prediction. Then ill worry about what he says.
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UnAnon115 months
If we drop our home games to the Miss schools I will 180 my view on miles. I'm starting to jump on the "Palmer is a fricking idiot" wagon.

We win 10 games. Sneak out Auburn.
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DrTyger115 months
Jesse Palmer also thought he could find love on a reality TV show.
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themunch115 months
bama 12-0 auburnt 11-1 moo state 10-2 ole pee 9-3 but beats LSU again.
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themunch115 months

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DustyDinkleman115 months
Jesse Palmer knows as much about the SEC as he does about picking quality women on the bachelor.
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TampaTiger22115 months
Jesse Palmer will have a great nfl career. What oops , never mind
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tigerbite2115 months
Not so fast my friends, was Palmer trying to describe himself....young, talented??, and unproven???? if only Herbstreit and Corso would pick us close to the cellar, I think we will have a fine season....
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BayouTiga115 months
The best commentary to Palmer's prediction is 'no comment'. This is great stuff for LM and his coaching staff to get 'Da Tigers' fired up! I hope all the media idiots pick LSU at 5th.

Game On.....Geaux Tigers
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rileytiger115 months
The SEC West is a crap shoot this year. Lsu is not getting much love and I like it.
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maringer11115 months
Y'all take his way to serious.
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Dick Macho115 months
If he would have bothered to spend ten minutes looking into the Tigers he would see that the losses to the nfl are huge but only leaving the WR positions bare. Even after losing two NFL RB workhorses, the ground n pound will still be elite which will allow the next elite duo of future NFL WRs to get their game up to par. The defense will finally be LSU quality even after losing two young DTs to the draft so the offense won't have to win any shootouts.

When we factor in the nations best staff at developing players, it doesn't take a genius to see that Palmer looks like an idiot making this prediction.
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lsu480115 months
Explain the math to me. We win 9, which means we lose 3...and finish 5th? Does not add up."- thats what I was thinking.
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TheMuffinMan115 months
Say AU goes undefeated.
Bama loses to AU and MSU.
MSU loses to AU and LSU.
OM loses to AU and MSU.
LSU loses to AU, OM, and Bama.
We would finish fifth, correct?
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