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Star LSU wide receiver and defending Biletnikoff Award Ja'Marr Chase is totally "locked-in" on playing this upcoming season instead of possibly opting out to prepare for the NFL Draft, according to his father Jimmy Chase. Per 247Sports:

“He’s going to play the season out,” Jimmy Chase said. “He’s locked in with his team, and as long as everybody is healthy, he’s said he wants to play with his team and his teammates.

"He just loves the game, and he loves LSU. He wants to finish his career out in a positive manner.”

"When I bring it up, he's like, 'Dad, I don't even want to talk about it,'" Jimmy Chase said. "I have to respect his decision on it. He's the one that's playing"

"Everybody is looking at the position Ja'Marr is in with being a top pick," Jimmy Chase said. "That's fine and dandy, but they don't see the competitive juices that are in him."
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FrancisCostello42 months
This did not age well
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cajunguy43 months
Why would he opt out? This season is shorter than last year and won't be as hard on the body with season starting later to be out of the terrible heat in early September. Makes sense to play than to just say ah u know what I don't have to play since what I see the professionals doing. His draft stock would drop alot if would not play
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Tigers4Lyfe43 months
Ever hear of COVID-19? That's what he is referring to more than fear of injury.
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Tigers4Lyfe43 months
And no, his stock would not drop "a lot". Some? Maybe. A lot? No!
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Peepdip43 months
Every time I read one of your posts, I think “that guy really needs to take an English class”.
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bengalman43 months
The reason why he is #1
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AustinKnight43 months
Makes me happy to hear a young man so focused on his life and LSU
user avatar
OU81243 months
He was raised right...not weak!
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jeff7012143 months
Never expected anything less from Ja'Marr!
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PensaTigers42 months
user avatar
GeauxsomeMeaux43 months
Raider Pride!!!
user avatar
24nights43 months
Hell yeah!!
user avatar
elcid43 months
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225Tyga43 months
Yessir. I have confirmed this as well!
user avatar
GeauxGutsy43 months
Fine and Dandy with me also Mr. Chase.
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