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Ross Dellenger with The Advocate was able to put together a possible depth chart for LSU's secondary this week, based on interviews with head coach Ed Orgeron and some of the players.

It not official but it could be a good starting point...

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Lexman178 months
I love all the concern about playing time and guys transferring based on an unofficial depth chart! Lol
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jayboy50478 months
It shows Kristian only playing in 3 games last year... Was he hurt or was it just depth chart related?? Can't seem to remember...
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LuzianaFootball78 months
It's so easy to forget the guys who've been here with the new talent arrives and everyone is excited about them, including myself at times. I just want to see a 0-0-11 defense just once and I'll be ok.
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tconle278 months
Fulton will be starting next year. I'm sure he will get plenty of playing time with Vincent in the slot.
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ImayGoLesMiles78 months
I don't wish fulton to transfer at all bc I believe he will be a contributor at some point in the coming years. However, at the end of the day I wholeheartedly trust corey raymond and his abilities to put the best players on the field for LSU. He just flat out recognizes talent, and I don't care if a true freshman gets the nod over a senior, as long as he's the best option for us to be successful. Nice depth without a doubt...DBU.
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philly44478 months
Really hope Fulton doesn't decide to transfer
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YellaPurp78 months
If Ed Paris don't make it this year, he better find a 9-5
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Solo Cam78 months
Yeah. Sitting behind Jamal Adams and John Battle surely makes him a scrub. Did James Wright find a 9-5?
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RB1078 months
Kristian Fulton 3rd? I really thought he would step up this year.
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Mouche33778 months
I was thinking the same thing. Its still early tho and it isn't official. We'll see soon enough.
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Rakim78 months
Grants gonna be starting by mid season FYI
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That's a young group there. Might take a while for them to get it together, however that's a very talented bunch as well.
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Chalkywhite8478 months
Why would Fulton be behind kary vincent? Anyone got any info on this
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whiteside78 months
I'm going to go with vincent being better.....
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