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Former LSU wide receiver Dwayne Bowe has signed a one-day contract with the Kansas City Chiefs, the team the selected him No. 23 overall in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft and will retire as a Cheif.

Bowe played at LSU 2003-2006 and played in Kansas City from 2007-2014 before spending one season with the Cleveland Browns in 2015.

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LuzianaFootball58 months
One of the all-time best Tigers. Beast collegiate and pro career.
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reauxl tigers58 months
user avatar
Cherry Cheesecake58 months
Sommmmmewherrrrre, over dwayne bowe
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Geauxboy58 months
"......and will retire as a Cheif." C'mon, man. You have one job. It's even spelled correctly in the pic you provided.
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CHEDBALLZ58 months
His Brother Riddick was a great fighter, very talented family.
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Murray58 months
I think this is a case of too many cheifs, not enough indandans.
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NPComb58 months
You really can’t see him now
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Spankum58 months
Classy move by the Chiefs. Congrats to Bowe, he had himself a good, long pro career. I won't forget the improvement in his play after he got his eyes fixed over that summer!
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Adam484858 months
Do your thing Dwayne
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AndrewD58 months
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siliconvalleytiger58 months
One of the best receivers to ever play for LSU. Fast, physical and crafty.
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CrystalPreserves57 months
Loved this dude as a Tiger. Happy to see him do his thing and make his money.
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