Former LSU star and current Washington Redskins safety Ryan Clark will wear these cleats Thursday night against the New York Giants to promote sickle cell anemia awareness.

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"Cure League" is Clark's foundation dedicated to raising money for sickle cell disease reach, clinical care and increased awareness. Per

In 2007 while in Denver to face the Broncos, Clark experienced severe discomfort, later finding out that he has sickle cell trait.

The strong, healthy 205-pound Clark had excruciating pain in his left side. He returned to Pittsburgh and underwent a battery of tests at UPMC. Clark’s test results found sickle cell-related damage to his spleen. Doctors performed emergency surgery to remove his spleen and gallbladder, sidelining Clark for the remainder of the Steelers’ season.

Two years later, Clark’s sister-and-law died from complications of sickle cell disease at the age of 27.
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user avatar
AnotherRound115 months
Clear plastic - no steal there bro
user avatar
Tiger at Law115 months
"On another note, didn't know you could wear steel cleats in football."

Hopefully Dillon Day won't get his hands on a pair of these bad boys
user avatar
Tiger inTampa115 months
Hope the NFL fashion police don't make him spat over them. On another note, didn't know you could wear steel cleats in football.
user avatar
CarRamrod115 months
Yea hestor, how can this be a disease when it is a evolutionary change in people that live in parts of the world where malaria is widespread?
user avatar
Sid in Lakeshore115 months
Congrats to Ryan. Well done
user avatar
runningTiger115 months
I like how he names his foundation after finding a cure. To self promoting when athletes name foundations after themselves. Even drew Brees does this. I don't like it. Can Gratz to Ryan for being unlike the other self promoters
user avatar
Hester Carries115 months
Fun fact: One side effect of sickle cell anemia is immunity to malaria, which is why so many Africans have it; those that dont have often die of malaria.

In a sense you could say Ryan Clark is pro-malaria. Might not go over as well, but you could say that...
user avatar
TigerB8115 months
He better have NFL approval first or Emperor Goodell will levy some fines.....
user avatar
krehn11115 months
Sister-in-law - grammar isn't that hard

But great for Ryan to be raising awareness
user avatar
X Carter Is Fast115 months
thats racist
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