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ESPN's David Ching caught up with LSU junior quarterback Anthony Jennings recently to discuss Spring Practice and and his own progression since his first season as a starter.

Here is a sample of what Jennings had to say:

Can you break down spring practice so far?

It’s been up and down. I feel like I’m getting better each and every day, though. Obviously I’ve had some good practices under my belt, and I just want to keep building on those and getting better each and every day. It’s never good enough.

What about the offense in general? You guys have been together, pretty much, as a unit for a solid year. Do you feel some confidence building about what you’ve been able to do in practice?

Definitely. I think we’re coming in and being more in sync than we were last year. Getting more work together with the guys -- knowing when a guy’s going to cut or what they’re going to do. It’s good for quarterbacks because we know where a guy’s going to be now. I’m not saying we didn’t last year, but the rhythm and timing is better than what it was. I think it’s ultimately going to help us and going to help the team.

How are you a different player from when we would have spoken at this time a year ago?

I think it’s my mindset. My mindset’s different. I feel like I have to play better. I think that I know the offense. Knowing what you have to do is going to translate on the field because it helps you play faster, helps you play better. Having these guys around me continue to pick me up, continue to push me along, those guys continue to help me.
You can read ESPN's full Q&A with Jennings here.
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tigerbite2108 months
Huh??? He feels like he has to play better?? He knows the plays?? The other guys pick him up??...Are you kidding me?????????? What another train wreck waiting to happen...absolutely NO bundle of confidence and leadership here...yeah...It will be a shock for sure.. Ive said this before, AJ from all accounts is a decent guy, but the lack of leadership on the field and that "deer in the headlights" look in critical situations is an total joke...The fans don't need a super brain at qb....just a player who knows the plays and plays smart....and doest make stupid mistakes......QB=Best Thinker on the field.....nuf said
user avatar
Football_Freak108 months
so frustrating. he has no clue where he needs to improve the most
user avatar
TwoDatBait109 months
Insert slow jerk GIF.....
user avatar
Cheesy Beaver109 months
Wow, we are so screwed.
user avatar
DarkKingArthur109 months
Here is the dynamic. Every time I hear Jamal Adams, Fournette, Beckwith, Dural, etc, I get excited about the season. When Jennings literally starts speaking, I get very angry. I wish that wasn't the case.
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nol1wph109 months
I have been hearing more and more about LSU becoming more focused on running the ball, especially at the quarterback position. That scares me! Even with an improved runner in Jennings, and a loaded backfield lead by Fournette, better teams (Bama) will load the line of scrimmage and dare LSU to throw the ball. If Jennings has not improved in the passing game, I see another mediocre season....
user avatar
Nix to Twillie109 months
Other than just "the mindset" and "knowing the offense" I'd feel better if he mentioned he was throwing the ball better. Knowing it and executing it are two different things. Still, he's putting in the hard work and I'm looking forward to seeing it pay off. I'll be nervous for now, but we'll be ready.
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jacktown109 months
Those guys AJ an BH just don't understand the privilege of being able to play QB at LSU I hope they get it before there time frame ticks out. Franks is coming to take a job not sit on the bench I really feel these guys just aren't very passionate about being a great qb I'm a firm believer that hard work pays off an they just seem they aren't trying hard enough. They don't have that killer instinct like J.Russell had while he was here. I compare playing qb at LSU to playing ball for a program like Duke every resource you need to succeed is a arm length away time for these guys too man up!!
user avatar
Shalimar Sid109 months
Sounds like the old song and dance.
user avatar
Jwils109 months
Can't wait to see what he brings this season. Hopefully he shocks us all!
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