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LSU head coach Ed Orgeron was on the College Football Playoff semifinal teleconference Tuesday morning and provided the following update on running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire and offered up high praise for backup Chris Curry:

Q. My question kind of revolves around Chris Curry, and you guys obviously had a great performance from him this last week. I wanted to just kind of ask you, though, kind of what's the latest on Clyde and how you guys plan to manage his workload over the next couple of weeks before the National Championship Game.

ED ORGERON: We're going to look at how much he can do. Our first practice is going to be on Thursday, and we have Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday practice. We'll go through a week of preparation. Then the guys have two weeks break, and then we'll start the preparation on Wednesday. So I think by next Wednesday he should be full speed. We'll take it slow with him, see what he can do. He's getting treatment right now. He's a little sore. We'll see how much he can do this week.

But not having Clyde in there gives those other guys valuable reps. I've got to say something to Chris Curry. In this world of transfer portals and all that, taking the easy way out, it says a lot about his character, his grit, his toughness. He told me, he said, Coach, I'm going to be one of your best backs. Just watch.

And during the Bowl practices, when Clyde's not out, then we've got to find out who's the best back to put in there. Obviously, those two young guys are ahead of him, but he has some great practices, and the plays that we're running, the style of plays that we run, we felt that Chris was the best one to run it. Boy, I'll tell you what, he took his opportunity. We said next man up, we put 11 men on the field, and we fight like Tigers, and he did it. I'm so proud of him.
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K2LAW54 months
God but I love this coach!
user avatar
Zephyrius54 months
The TD staff report confuses the crap out of me...
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"In this world of transfer portals and all that, taking the easy way out, it says a lot about his character, his grit, his toughness." So what does that say about Joe Burrow? Just curious.
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Burrow already graduated from OSU!!!
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I know, I'm simply pointing out the double standard of players who transfer. If they transfer out of the program, they weren't tough enough or man enough to battle for the position, they gave up. If they transfer into the program, they are a hero and none of that applies.
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SaintLSUnAtl54 months
Chris Curry - RS Freshman behind an All-SEC running back Joe Burrow - RS Junior who after getting named backup to 3-4 different quarterbacks realized he was never gonna play so transferred AFTER he graduated Yeah. Those are exactly the same
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cade7354 months
Surely he meant a two "day" break lol
user avatar
Yeti_Chaser54 months
Am I the only one who thinks the practice schedule doesnt make any sense?
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smash williams54 months
The quotes are from before the semi-final game against OU.
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wesman2154 months
Well said Coach!
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