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During his weekly press conference on Monday afternoon, Ed Orgeron was asked about some of the doubters that he has faced throughout his career and the expectation that come with being the head coach at LSU.

Q. First off, I thought you and Coco did very well on that "60 Minutes" interview last night. I knew no doubt Coco was going to try to steal the show there. I know we talked about what happened at USC, you got passed over, and there's other times where you feel you haven't gotten your due. I know you talk about it as a team, but personally what is the carrot in front of you right now? What keeps you going? Everybody's got something where they feel somebody is doubting them. What keeps you going every single day that you know there's some person doubting LSU and your program?

ED ORGERON: I kind of love it. You know, I call it internal fuel. I digest it. It makes me want to work harder. And, you know, there's questions. You know, hey, they lost Joe Brady, they lost Joe Burrow. They lost Ja'Marr Chase. You hear it all. We know what goes on here. We know it's the core of our program here. I've got some great coaches, we got some great players. We believe in ourselves. But you know what, at LSU, the standards are very high. The expectation is very high. You gotta prove yourself every game, every game day. So that's the joy of being here that everybody expects you to win, expects you to be great, and that's the type of school you want to be at.
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NOLA_BRED_LSU46 months
I doubted miles Brennan and I was right. This dude is complete trash.
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kajunman46 months
Look at his wife in the first picture. She knew then she was a goner. Ran on the field though for every win to get her mug on tv.
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xGeauxLSUx46 months
"Tacklin fuel." -Robert Boucher, Jr.
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PensaTigers46 months
You might wanna code the article in.
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Russianblue46 months
pffft. deetails shmeetails.
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