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Longtime former sportswriter Ted Castillo, who recently turned 93-years old, was at Ed Orgeron's press conference on Monday and wanted Coach O's input on whether or not he would be in favor of eliminating kickoff returns to make the game safer for the players.

Ted's long-winded question was answered very quickly by Orgeron with one word, followed by some funny commentary.

QUESTION: I've been watching LSU football since 1931. And I thought the game you guys played against Louisville was as good overall football game I've ever seen an LSU team play. Played similarly in the second half against Arkansas. But there's a movement around to try to make football safer. You can make it safer but you can't make it safe. And there's a recommendation that kids don't play tackle football until they're 12 years old, which is about the age I started to play sandlot ball. But I noticed in the Pro Bowl they don't return kickoffs. And you didn't have any returns in your spring game. And you haven't returned a kickoff or touchdown but you had two punt returns, one against Chattanooga wasn't that big but the one against Auburn was huge. So my question is: Would you be in favor of eliminating kickoff returns?

COACH ORGERON: No. I have a four-letter word in front of that, then no. (Laughter) No. No. I love the physicality of football.

I want to say this to you, you know I understand the safety and stuff like that, and I'm all for it. But we grew up in the backyard playing football. Since we were four, five six years old, playing tackle football. And I thought it was good for us. Football is a great sport.
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It will be flag football soon.
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You have to realize that the question was asked by a 93 year old and everyone tends to mellow with age. The kick and punt returns are one of the most exciting, game changing plays in sports. Remember Trindon Holiday and Tyrann Mathieu? Electrifying! I wouldn’t change a thing!
Reply47 months
If you can't make the football team go blog about your feelings at Starbucks but you ain't changing the way we play the game snowflakes!
Reply47 months
Elimitate kickoffs? Man, this pussy shite has to stop. If you dont like the physicality of football, then don't play the sport. That's what separates football from every other sport and that's what makes it so great. It takes a special type of person to play football. This crap has to stop, they're going to destroy the game.
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The guy that asked the question is a 93 year old dude who has been watching football since 1931... before face masks, etc. He knows what physicality of football is all about, and he has seen the game change A LOT. He sees where the game is trending; you would have to believe he is old school, and just wanted to hear from Coach O that he's old school too.
47 months
I wouldn’t care that much if kickoffs were eliminated.
Reply47 months
Yeah we should just stop keeping score too. Don't want anybody to get a traumatic feelings injury
47 months
Better than this question from Ted: LINK
Reply47 months
I have but only one up vote to give.
47 months
haha I figured it was this guy while reading the long arse question. That was awesome.
47 months
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